Wennoz -Honma Tokyo White hair botox H-Brush Botox Capilar White Care botox for blondes

370,00 BRL

Wennoz -Honma Tokyo White hair botox H-Brush Botox Capilar White Care botox for blondes

370,00 BRL
Only 6 units of this product remain

H-BRUSH Botox Capilar Intensive Reconstructor delivers progressive smoothing with Luna Matrix System formula, N-Acetyl Cysteine, Pracaxi Fruit Oil, Green Tea Leaf Oil, and Elastin. These components act as cellular renovators, providing hair restoration and reconstruction.

The tool provides hair with brightness, strength, elasticity and volume. The micropigments included in the formula also protect the hair from sunburn.

strands are just as gorgeous. The composition does not contain purple pigments that make the blond cold.

Features of the tool

It is impossible not to buy white Botox Honma H-Brush Botox Capillar White Care if you want to avoid changes in hair pigmentation. By choosing this tool, you can not worry about how long the procedure will be. The tone will remain in its original form, while the hair will acquire a much healthier and more well-groomed appearance. Now blondes can experiment with their hairstyle without fear of negative results. A modern product with a silver matrix in the composition makes it possible to achieve the desired result in hair care.

The result of exposure after the procedure is an increase in the density and elasticity of the hair, an improvement in strength characteristics. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the tool provides intensive and effective strengthening of the cuticle, reduces the negative impact on the keratin structure in contact with styling products, thermal effects (ironing irons, hair dryers). The achieved glossy radiance will retain its attractiveness for three months, the effect can be extended for a longer period with the right daily care.

1. Wash your hair with H Brush Capillary Step 1, two times.
IMPORTANT: During the second hair wash, leave the shampoo on the hair for 3 to 5 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with water.
2. Dry your hair 50% with a hair dryer.
3. Divide the hair into zones and gently with a brush, strand by strand, apply the active composition of H-Brush B.tox Pink, retreating from the scalp 1.5-2 cm.
4. Keep the composition on the hair for 20 minutes (for a better effect, it is recommended to use a plastic cap).
5. Without washing off the composition, dry your hair with 100% cool air of a hair dryer, WITHOUT USING A COMB!
6. Divide the hair into four zones, select strands no more than 1 cm thick on the lower occipital zone.
7. Separate a thin strand and using an iron with titanium or tourmaline coated plates, styler 8-10 times at the roots, 7-8 times along the length, 5-7 times at the tips. Repeat the procedure for all hair.
The temperature of the iron is selected depending on the type of hair:
160 - 180 degrees - for thin, damaged hair.
190 - 200 degrees - for normal hair.
200 - 210 degrees - for dense, thick hair.
8. Let the hair cool down (approximate hair cooling time is 20 minutes).
9. Rinse hair thoroughly with running water, apply any moisturizing mask from the Honma Tokyo range, hold for 7-10 minutes, rinse with water.
IMPORTANT: The first wash is done WITHOUT using shampoo!
10. Carry out the desired styling.


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