Fti Mattifying ampoule GET BLOND AMPOLA MATIZADORA, 3*15ml

90,00 BRL 120,00 BRL
Fti Mattifying ampoule GET BLOND AMPOLA MATIZADORA, 3*15ml

Fti Mattifying ampoule GET BLOND AMPOLA MATIZADORA, 3*15ml

90,00 BRL 120,00 BRL
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Rich in violet pigments, it works instantly to neutralize golden/yellowish and slightly orange tones in blonde, bleached or gray hair.

Developed with nanotechnology, it can be used alone or in conjunction with any hair coloring procedure.

• Mineral oil
• Vegetable glycerin
• CI 60730 – Cosmetic pigment.
• Vitamin E


1) Wash your hair 2 times with deep cleaning shampoo

2) Carefully remove moisture with a towel

3) Mix Botox with water (15 ml of water per 5 ml ampoule) or with a mask

4) Apply the composition

5) We go through thin strands with an ultrasonic iron

7) Leave for up to 15 minutes under a thermal hat

8) We wash off the composition for 1 minute so that the roots are clean and the composition is not felt much along the length.

9) Blow-dry as desired.

After bleaching:
I. After rinsing off the bleach, wash with shampoo.
II. Pour a few drops of matting liquid directly onto the strand and rub in thoroughly.
III. The process is quick, watch and massage until you get the desired shade.
IV. Rinse and finish as desired.

Combination with clarifier:
I. Add 10% ampoule to clarifier and mix well.
II. For example, 50 g of clarifier powder + 5 ml ampoule.
III. The amount of oxide and application technique correspond to professional work.
IV. The ampoule helps remove yellowness during lightening.

Combination with a straightening agent (keratin or nanoplasty):
I. Add 5% to 10% ampoule to the progressive product and mix well.
II. For example, 70 ml of progressive product + 4 ml ampoule.
III. The ampoule acts as a yellowness inhibitor.

Combination with care masks:
I. Add the desired amount of ampoule to the white cream and leave.
II. Cleanse your hair with shampoo 1-2 times.
III. Remove excess water and apply the prepared cream.
IV. Let it work until the desired shade is achieved.

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