Royal Profissional

Botox Capilar Escândalo Óleo De Coco Royal 1kg

95,00 BRL
Botox Capilar Escândalo Óleo De Coco Royal 1kg
Royal Profissional

Botox Capilar Escândalo Óleo De Coco Royal 1kg

95,00 BRL
Only 2 units of this product remain

The product contains fomol!

straightens a light wave.

This is a procedure for restoring damaged hair, tightening hair scales, straightening curly hair and reducing volume. The procedure makes hair soft, softening, shiny and moisturized. Its application is faster and more effective than any other moisturizer. This procedure gives back the hair mass lost during the aging process of the hair and due to daily aggressors such as sun, wind, straightener, hair dryer, etc.

- Disciplined;
- Reduction of curls;
- Volume reduction.


1o Apply Pre Treatment Shampoo to damp hair and massage gently. Rinse and repeat if necessary.

2. After washing your hair with Pre Treatment Shampoo, dry it to about 80%.

3. Divide your hair into 6 sections and start applying BOTOX to the back strands, after applying every two strands, wait 30 minutes (with a cap if desired), dry them with cold air from a hair dryer. then comb with a hot air dryer. Repeat the operation for all hair.

4. IF YOU WANT TO IMPROVE DIRECT RESULTS: Divide them into thin strands and iron them 7-10 times from the roots to the middle of the strands and 2-4 times at the ends at the temperature indicated for your hair type, rinse and apply the Revitalizing Mask.

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