Hair regeneration Felps Inner Regeneration Acidifying 120 g

100,00 BRL

Hair regeneration Felps Inner Regeneration Acidifying 120 g

100,00 BRL
Only 22 units of this product remain

Professional premium product for hair regeneration from Felps
Acidifier for chemically treated hair. Felps Professional Inner Regener balances the pH of the yarn, reduces porosity and promotes hydration and nourishment of the yarn.

Felps Professional Inner Regener Acidifier is ideal for use after staining, bleaching, or chemical exposure where wires are destabilized, porous, damaged, and brittle. Seals cuticles, improves combability, eliminates frizz, protects and prolongs color-treated hair.

1. Felps Professional Inner Regener Regeneration Acidifying Acid Activator balances the pH of the strands, tightens the cuticle, improves combing, reduces porosity, eliminates loosening, maintains hydration and nutrition, protects and lengthens the color of dyed strands.

2. Felps Professional Inner Regener Regeneration Mask fills and gives hair greater density, closes damage, restores fiber, strengthens and replenishes lost mass.

Used after an acid activator to stabilize the pH balance of the hair.

Can work:

* separate regeneration procedure

* as a substrate before procedures

* compatible with painting

Application method: After shampooing, apply acidifier to lengths and ends. Let act 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse and apply Felps Professional Inner Regener Hair Mask.


Água; Álcool Cetoestearílico; Ácido Lactico; Glycerol; Estearamidopropil Dimethylamina; Cloreto de Beentrimônio; Álcool Cetílico; Cloreto de Cetrimônio; Decametilcyclopentasiloxano; Bis-Cetearil Amodimeticona; Manteiga de Karite; Óleo de Coco; Palmitato de Isopropila; Fosfato de Hydroxipropyldiamido; perfume; Queratina Hidrolisada; Dimeticona; Álcool Isopropílico; Amodimeticona; Cloreto de Goma Guar Hidroxipropiltrimônio; Álcool Etílico; Dimethyl Palmitamine; Poliquaternio-7; Edetato Dissódico; Proteina de Trigo Hidrolisada; Queratina Hidrolisada de Hidroxipropil Laurdimônio; Pidolato de Sodio; Lactato de Sódio; Proteina de Soja Hidrolisada; Acetato de Tocoferila; Arginine; Meticona; Polietilenoglicol-12 Éter de Alcool Tridecílico; Suco da Raiz de Polymnia Sonchifolia; Proteina de Milho Hidrolisada; Hexil Cinamal; Ácido Aspartico; Ácido Pidólico; Fenoxyetanol; Salicilato de Benzila; Dextrolimoneno; Carbocisteina; Poliquaternio-10; alfa-Isometil Ionona; Citronelol; Benzoato de Sodio; Glicina; Alanina; Álcool Benzílico; Serina; Sorbato de Potassio; Valina; Isoleucina; Proline; Treonina; Nitrato de Magnésio; Benzoato de Benzila; Metilcloroisotiazolinona e Metilisotiazolinona; Cloreto de Magnesio; Histidina; Isoeugenol; Fenilalanina; Ácido Citrico; Ácido Deidroacetico; Goma Xantana; Citral; Linalol.


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