let me be

Nanoplasty Phyto Complex Smoothing Dr Fiber by Let Me Be | 1000ml

390,00 BRL
Nanoplasty Phyto Complex Smoothing Dr Fiber by Let Me Be | 1000ml
let me be

Nanoplasty Phyto Complex Smoothing Dr Fiber by Let Me Be | 1000ml

390,00 BRL

Let Me Be's new Phyto Complex Smoothing Dr Fiber was created to make hair smoother, frizz-free and less frizzy, leaving it shiny and silky.

Its nourishing formula of amla, argan, jojoba, macadamia, coconut, avocado, silk proteins, vitamin E, panthenol, shea butter and mango butter promotes nutrition, protein replacement, porosity reduction, hair smoothing and cuticle sealing.
As a result, the hair becomes hydrated, soft, manageable and easier to care for.
Product without parabens and minerals.

+: Always do a strand test before any application.

+: If you color after using a straightener, always use

OX volume below 20vol. Never use 30vol. or 40vol.

Product without parabens and minerals.

How to use:

1. Detangle your hair before washing. Apply shampoo to damp hair, gently rinsing out impurities

from hair and scalp. Rinse well.

2. Dry your hair with a hair dryer on medium heat, straightening your hair with your hands.

2.1. Hair is thick and natural - 100% dry.

2.2 Fine and curly hair - Dry 100%.

2.3 Damaged, bleached and highlighted hair - Dry 50%.

3. Divide your hair into eight sections. Apply with gloves using

brushes for coloring, apply half a centimeter from the roots, on thin strands.

3.1 For thick hair without chemicals - break: 60 to 90 minutes.

3.2 For thin and curly hair - a break of 50-60 minutes.

3.3 For damaged, discolored - break time from 20 to 30 minutes.

4. Rinse and remove excess water with a towel. Dry your hair well, at the end of the process you can only do the styling. Iron at the appropriate temperature for your hair type 10-15 times.

Precautions: For professional use only.

Ingredients: Água, Glioxiloil Carbocisteina, Glioxiloil Queratina Amino Ácido, Álcool Cetearílico, Cetearet-20, Estearato de Glicerila, Propileno Glicol, Polissorbato 60, Cloreto de Beentrimônio, Cloreto de Cetrimônio, Fragrâdencia, Di-T-Butil-4 Hidroxidrocinamato de Octcila, Glicerina Vitamina E Pantenol Jojoba, Manteiga de Karite, Extrato de Emblica (Amla), Hexil Cinamal, Linalol.

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