Hair perfume Felps Celebrate 25ml

120,00 BRL

Hair perfume Felps Celebrate 25ml

120,00 BRL
Only 3 units of this product remain

In honor of the company's 10th anniversary, Felps releases hair perfumes? Celebrate, limited edition. Enjoy a fragrant celebration of ten years of our history of excellence in hair care.

Notes of blueberry, apricot and mandarin combine to create a fresh, captivating and unforgettable top note. In the heart of this fragrance, discover the softness of peony, the delicate purity of lily of the valley and the exuberance of orchid, creating a romantic and sophisticated note. Patchouli, caramel and musk create long-lasting depth, enveloping hair in sophistication, femininity and mystery.

Immerse yourself in a unique and effortless experience with Celebrate hair perfume. In addition to perfume for hair, it promotes shine, silkiness to the touch and neutralizes unpleasant odors.

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