Acid Botox Btx Organic Galfi

270,00 BRL
Acid Botox Btx Organic Galfi

Acid Botox Btx Organic Galfi

270,00 BRL
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Acid Botox Btx Organic Galfi

The product is created for hair treatment, to restore the health and beauty of strands.

Particularly suitable for damaged, dry, brittle and frizzy hair.

Contains a mixture of oils, active substances and oils that straighten light waves, add softness, shine and conditioning.

Provides perfect sealing and eliminates split ends.

Application method:
01-Wash your hair with shampoo.
02- Dry your hair completely with a towel.
03- Separate your hair into sections.
04- Using a comb and brush, begin applying Btx Organic along the entire length of your hair in thin strands, keeping a half-centimeter distance from the roots.
05- Leave the product on the strands depending on the hair structure (20 minutes for slightly wavy hair, up to 30 minutes for more resistant hair).
06- After the pause time, remove excess with a comb or rinse lightly, removing 50% of the product (for blond or colored hair, remove 70%).
07 – Dry your hair 100% using a hair dryer.
08- Finish by ironing 10-15 times per section (5-7 times per section for blonde hair) at up to 190°C.

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