Nanojet spray from Natureza GOLD JET SPRAY MEDULA - 200ml

110,00 BRL

Nanojet spray from Natureza GOLD JET SPRAY MEDULA - 200ml

110,00 BRL
Only 3 units of this product remain

Nanojet spray from Natureza GOLD JET SPRAY MEDULA - 200ml

Carefully formulated with nano-minerals and nano-nutrients that BOOST hair care from follicle cells to tips, making it ideal for hair that will be coloring and bleaching. It acts intensively, leaving the fibers stable, healthy and strong.

How to use:

Spray immediately after washing the CGS, from lengths to cones, before going through the dyeing and bleaching processes (TRY OUR NANOGOLD LED JET SPRAYER). Leave on and proceed to the next step applying the mask of your choice and then complete the entire process. Does not interfere with the action of OH and bleach, acting only on the strengthening of the fiber.

Zero chemistry

There are no restrictions on its use, it can be used by children, pregnant and lactating women.


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