Nanoplasty VOGUE Orghanlux 1000 ml, 1l

670,00 BRL

Nanoplasty VOGUE Orghanlux 1000 ml, 1l

670,00 BRL

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1 shampoo 1L
1 nanoplastics Vogue Orghanlux 1L

The ideal formula of Vogue Orghanlux nanoplastics allowed this composition to become a real bestseller in the Brazilian market. Does not cause irritation of the mucosa, discomfort and allergies. Perfectly straightens and gives hair a chic, glossy shine. Suitable for natural, undamaged hair. Do not use on bleached hair.
The duration of the result is from 3 to 6 months.

Suitable for pregnant and lactating mothers.

Suitable for working with soft Slavic hair, as well as for working with the curliest hair.


Step 1

Wash your hair with shampoo (do not use SHGO). Wash off the shampoo with water. Blow dry hair 80% without a comb.

Step 2

Before application, ALWAYS shake the bottle with the product several times so that all components are well mixed. Put on silicone gloves. Divide your hair into sections. Next, apply the composition to thin strands, carefully and evenly distributing the composition along the entire length, remove the excess with a comb with frequent teeth. Make sure your hair is completely hydrated.

Step 3

Leave the composition on the hair for 40-60 minutes (40 minutes for thin, medium wave, fluffy, 60 minutes for strongly curly hair). After the time has passed, rinse your hair WITHOUT shampoo for 40-60 seconds.

Step 4

Blow dry your hair 100% using a brush to pre-close the cuticles.

Step 5

Run the iron over each strand 15-25 times with the temperature of the iron at 220-230 degrees.

Step 6

Rinse hair with water without using shampoo. Apply a moisturizing mask for best results. Wash away. Dry with a hair dryer. Style your hair as desired. Procedure completed.


Bio Shampoo-

1.Wash your hair 2 (two times) Bio Shampoo. The second time, let the shampoo work for about 10 (ten) minutes to open the cuticles well.

2.Then remove the shampoo well without leaving any residue,

3. Dry your hair 90% with a hair dryer.

4. Apply Nanoplastic by parting the hair and applying the product strand by strand using a brush and fine comb.

5. For best results, leave on for 30 minutes. If your hair is afro and very resistant, leave on for 50 minutes.

6. Then remove excess product.

7. Before starting styling on the brush, we do thermal activation of the product on the hair, that is, dry it for 5 (five) minutes with hot air from a hair dryer. Thermal activation is always carried out from the front towards the back of the neck.

8. Drying on Brush.

9. Sealing. Thin strands 7 to 12 times in each strand.

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