Nanoplasty Infinity Blond 1l by Ana Paula 3un, 2,3L

840,00 BRL

Nanoplasty Infinity Blond 1l by Ana Paula 3un, 2,3L

840,00 BRL
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Nanoplasty Infinity Blond by Ana Paula

Designed for curl type 1,2a,2b,2c.

Shea butter | Whey protein | Linseed oil | Omega 3 | Ceramides | Vitamin E

Infinity Blond is an innovative product that helps to avoid yellowing and discoloration in blonde, red, blonde or platinum hair, designed for all hair types. It is a 100% formaldehyde-free product that provides smooth, supple, shiny and silky hair. Enriched with exclusive technology + Actives that deeply heal hair - an intelligent system that promotes the restructuring of hair fibers - Infinity Blond eliminates hair volume, heals and restores hair damaged by time.

Infinity Blond is compatible with the treatments below, just follow the minimum interval indicated.

ammonium thioglycolate;
Use after 04 months.

Use after 06 months.

Use after 10 days.

Application after 03 months, obs. do not use on porous hair.

Infinity Blond is not compatible with hair containing the following substances:
procedures: Hair with Henna.

Application method:

1) After washing your hair with Infinity Blond Shampoo, remove excess moisture from your hair with a towel.

2) Dry your hair 100% with a hair dryer and divide it into 4 equal parts.
4) Start applying Infinity Blond nanoplasty strand by strand, always respecting 1 centimeter from the root.

5) After application, leave for 40 minutes.

6) After a break, rinse the product with water, dry your hair with a towel and apply a protector.

7) Then dry your hair 100% with a hair dryer or brush as desired.

8) Divide the hair into 4 parts, separate the thin strands and
start ironing 10 to 15 times per strand at 300ºF(175) to 375ºF(190) depending on strand structure, then wash hair and finish as desired.
Repeat on regrown roots after 3-4 months.

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