Clary Liss

Nanoplastic Gold liso Magico, 1.5L

600,00 BRL
Nanoplastic Gold liso Magico, 1.5L
Clary Liss

Nanoplastic Gold liso Magico, 1.5L

600,00 BRL
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Magic Golden Line 🪄

Magic Straightening is an innovative product for professional use, 100% formaldehyde-free, which provides smooth, manageable, shiny and silky hair. Enriched with exclusive technology + active ingredients that deeply treat strands - an intelligent system that promotes hair fiber restructuring - Liso Mágico eliminates hair volume while treating and restoring strands damaged by time.

Set contains:

0.5l cleansing shampoo

1L Nanoplasty Gold liso Mágico

Developed using nanotechnology, it contains a complex of active ingredients that interact with the hair structure.

Application method:

1- Wash with deep cleaning shampoo 2-3 times until the strands are clean!
*Tip: For gray or gray hair, or for clients who have swam in the pool or sea, leave the shampoo on for 10 minutes during the final wash.

2- Dry your hair 100% with a hair dryer and section your hair into sections of your choice!

3- Start applying Clary Liss nanoplasty in thin strands! Always comb with a fine comb for better penetration of the active substance.

4- Holding time.
50 minutes: Fine hair, slightly wavy or relaxed.
50 to 80 minutes: more resistant (thicker) hair. Example: Caucasus, curly and porous.

5. Rinse:

Remove 90% of the product if your hair is thick and difficult to straighten.

Remove 100% of the product if you have weakened or colored hair to avoid changing the hair tone.

6. Place on Brush

7. Start Ironing. Iron slowly, observing the temperature regime 15-25 times each strand, 200-250 degrees (for Caucasians and thick people). For blond and weakened hair - no higher than 190g.

Tip: After ironing, leave hair to cool for 5-10 minutes, then wash hair with shampoo and dry with finalizers as desired.

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