Nanoplastic-sealant for hair Borabella Selagem 3D, 1000 ml

280,00 BRL
Nanoplastic-sealant for hair Borabella Selagem 3D, 1000 ml

Nanoplastic-sealant for hair Borabella Selagem 3D, 1000 ml

280,00 BRL
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Nano-Sealant- Borabella Selagem 3D Semi Definitiva 1L hair becomes 100% straight, thickened, manageable, light, soft, with intense shine, controlled volume and completely free from frizz and unruly hair.

For all hair types and colors, including shades of blonde up to 8.

0% formaldehyde, 100% smooth

does not yellow

Does not burn or smell

A mixture of exclusive active substances called BioComplex, formed by 19 amino acids: hyaluronic acid + glutamic acid + aspartic acid + keratin + silk proteins + macadamia oil.

- Does not cause burning, tears or discomfort when applied.
- Really perfect and natural smooth.
- Without retouching.
- Excellent smoothing ability even compared to formaldehyde sealing
- Protects color, reduces fading of dark tones and reduces yellowing of light tones (hair tone up to 8).
- High durability of the effect of natural smoothness up to 3 months.
- Dual Color Pigment, which allows you to use it for all hair colors, including blond and highlights (tone up to 8).
- Restores capillary mass and returns strength to the strands, thanks to the proteins and amino acids present in the composition.
- Intense salon shine Moisturizing and radiance.
- Does not dry out the ends and does not damage the wires, but also nourishes and restores.
- Increased wear resistance of ironing.
- Softer, freer, vibrant hair with movement, balance and naturalness.
- Compatible with all other rectifiers.

For all types and colors of hair: unruly, wavy, curly, dyed, blonde, streaked and streaked. Compatible with all previous chemicals (do a strand test).

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