Cronograma Nano Spray Magic Use Me 3x500ml

350,00 BRL
Cronograma Nano Spray Magic Use Me 3x500ml

Cronograma Nano Spray Magic Use Me 3x500ml

350,00 BRL
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Set of 3 NanoQuartization products from USE ME, 3x500ml.

Application with a gun, UHF iron, or use a spray gun.

Suitable for ozone therapy procedure, and hair restoration chronogram.

Types of compositions:

1 - Moisturizing 500ml (blue) - the main active ingredient is carbocysteine

1 - Nutrition 500ml (orange) - main active ingredient - amino acids

1 - Reconstruction 500ml (pink) - the main active ingredient is keratin

1 ACTIVE IONIZER 500 ML BLUE - FOR HAIR MOISTURIZING PROCEDURES. Gives hair incredible shine and hydration, suitable for overdried hair that needs saturation with moisture.

1 ACTIVE IONIZER 500 ML ORANGE - FOR HAIR NUTRITION PROCEDURES. Gives the hair the lost strength, nourishes and makes the hair obedient and incredibly mobile. Suitable for hair of 3-4 degrees of damage.

1 ACTIVE IONIZER 500ML PINK - FOR HAIR RECONSTRUCTION PROCEDURES. Fills the hair structure, seals damage and polarizes. Suitable for all hair types in need of restoration and strengthening


has been formulated with NANO CAPILLAR technology and several ingredients that help repair, moisturize and nourish with maximum efficiency, in addition to enhancing all beauty treatments, prolonging the effect with great shine, frizz control, silkiness, softness, natural balance, giving life to hair.


How to use : After washing and applying the product, spray Ionized Active on the hair with an inkjet laser or simply spray the product, wait 10 minutes. Rinse and finish as you wish, comb through or let dry naturally. The procedure can be performed as a standalone step, to perform a SPA or Chronogram procedure. Or as an additional step before or after applying STEP 2.

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