Love Potion

Collagen replenisher GELATINA CAPILAR - 1Kg - LOVE POTION

200,00 BRL
Collagen replenisher GELATINA CAPILAR - 1Kg - LOVE POTION
Love Potion

Collagen replenisher GELATINA CAPILAR - 1Kg - LOVE POTION

200,00 BRL
Only 1 units of this product remain

Love Potion Hair Gelatin delivers powerful hydration through the remodeling action of collagen linked to the formula's moisturizing active ingredients, which together restore hair to nutrients lost throughout the day, providing a powerful and effective restructuring that keeps hair alive and beautiful. .


Love Potion Hydrating Hair Gelatin has been developed primarily for post-chemical uses such as straightening, coloring and bleaching. But it can be used for all hair types, as its formula contains collagen, which provides greater protection, strengthening and extra shine to the hair.

Precautionary measures:

External use. Keep out of the reach of children. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water. In case of sensitization or accidental ingestion, discontinue use and consult a physician. Store the product in a cool, ventilated place away from light.

What are the benefits of Love Potion gelatin for hair?

Deep hydration and lots of shine

Increased flexibility of wires, preventing their breakage.

Restructures hair fiber

Collagen replacement

Application method:

1) As a Substrate: After washing your hair, divide it into 4 equal parts and apply Love Potion Moisturizing Hair Gelatin strand by strand, wrapping hair thoroughly and leaving on for 15 minutes. After a pause, rinse your hair to remove all product and finish as desired.

2) INSTRUCTIONS (like Botox)
Step 1
Wash your hair with deep cleaning shampoo 2 times until spotlessly clean. Rinse off the shampoo with water.
Step 2
Apply the composition to damp hair with your hands, carefully and evenly distributing the composition along the entire length. Leave the mixture on your hair for 30 minutes.
Step 3
Rinse up to 80% of the composition from your hair without using shampoo. Blow dry your hair 100%.
Step 4
Straighten your hair with an iron - each strand 8-10 times. Ironing temperature 180-200 degrees.
Step 5
The procedure is completed.

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