Hair Keratin Zap Vip Argan Oil 1000 ml -

200,00 BRL
Hair Keratin Zap Vip Argan Oil 1000 ml -

Hair Keratin Zap Vip Argan Oil 1000 ml -

200,00 BRL
Only 4 units of this product remain

Keratin for hair Zap Vip Argan Oil set 2x1000 ml

Kit contains:

1 Progressive Brush Intensive Argan Oil Shampoo New package - 1000 ml.

1 Progressive Brush Argan Oil Hydra Mask Active New package - 1000 ml.

Keratin Vip Argan Oil consists of amino acids, vitamins, cocoa, silica, milk protein, soy, oats, honey and hydrolyzed keratin. Together, these amazing ingredients give hair strength, stamina and protection.

Features an impressive new argan oil formula to help hydrate and repair hair. VIP is a fantastic product that, in addition to treating hair, reduces frizz and frizz in any hair by up to 100% from the first application.

As a result, the hair becomes extremely smooth, strong and shiny.

The product is compatible with other chemicals without prejudice to its effectiveness, but it is recommended to carry out chemical treatments on the hair either 15 days before keratin, or after 15 days from the moment of application.

Application suggestion:

On damp hair, apply Argan Oil Intensive Shampoo along the entire length of the hair, massaging in the opposite direction. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.

Dry hair, evenly distribute Argan Oil Hydra Mask with a brush and a fine comb, aligning the strands. (Keep a distance of 1.5 cm from the root).

Let it work for 20 minutes, with the help of a hair dryer, alternating cold and hot air, pre-lay on the brush. Iron for thin strands at a temperature of 230 °, wait for the temperature of the strands to normalize and rinse. Finish how you want.


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