Non-stick nozzle for Thermo Protect hair straightener

250,00 BRL

Non-stick nozzle for Thermo Protect hair straightener

250,00 BRL
Only 23 units of this product remain

The Thermo Protect iron protector is made from 100% waterproof material, can withstand temperatures up to 280ºC or 450ºF, is compatible with most irons on the market, ideal for use on hair with products, i.e. in hair straightening processes or other treatments that require heat .

Works as a thermal protector to protect the hair and provide perfect smoothness in an exclusive way.

Thermo Protect promotes better glide and prevents sticking when using the iron, maintains the temperature of the iron, reduces fatigue and shoulder pain when straightening or curling your hair, whether you are a professional or not.

Thanks to its exclusive PTFE technology, it has a powerful anti-stick action, thanks to which it glides easily without causing tension, hair breakage or even burns when in contact with a hot iron, with minimal effort and without risk.

Thermo Protect - thermal protection for all hair types.

I don't know if you know, but the keratin works like a protective cape that prevents water loss from the inside of the strands, and the Thermo Protect protective film protects the hair while maintaining its natural shine, softness and flexibility.

With its exclusive protection that preserves the hair's natural proteins and amino acids, it still delivers results without an electric or frizzy look, giving hair more health, shine and flexibility for perfect results.

Check the size chart below.

The Thermo Protect has been designed for straight, curly, curly and wavy hair. It was created for you who have a Lizze, MQ or any other make/model iron!

In addition to all the benefits for the hair, Thermo Protect protects the flat iron from the build-up of product residue, providing greater equipment durability and easy cleaning of the flat iron.

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