STEP 2 Hair Keratin Zap Me Leva Black 1 L

190,00 BRL

STEP 2 Hair Keratin Zap Me Leva Black 1 L

190,00 BRL
Only 8 units of this product remain

- hair type: for all types, dry, normal, colored, thin and damaged, dark, coarse, dense, dull
- type: mask
- action: shine, moisturizing, nourishing, smoothing
- country of origin: Brazil

Me Leva is a 100% effective treatment designed for deep and intensive treatment of damaged hair. Me Leva contains macadamia and coconut oils, which restore lost nutrients, give extreme shine, softness, smoothness, and give the hair a natural look without making it heavy and greasy.

Step by step:


Apply Zap ME LEVA Deep Cleansing Shampoo to damp hair and massage from roots to ends, then rinse with plenty of water.

Step 1 needs to be done 3 times. For the third time, let Zap ME LEVA shampoo work on hair for 15 minutes, then rinse.


Divide hair into 4 sections and apply Zap ME LEVA Hair Treatment from strand to strand, starting at the back of the head, at a minimum distance from the root.


After applying Zap ME LEVA Step 2, remove excess product with a dust towel, dry hair completely with a cold or warm temperature blow dryer, and smooth out strands with a brush to remove knots.


To complete the process, flat iron your hair an average of 15 to 20 times per section.

Wait for the hair to cool and then wash it with the shampoo and conditioner of your choice. Finally, it can also be as usual.

AND READY! Hair is super smooth, moisturized and beautiful!


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