Natureza NTOX CAFE VERDE 1 kg

141,09 BRL 156,77 BRL
Natureza NTOX CAFE VERDE 1 kg

Natureza NTOX CAFE VERDE 1 kg

141,09 BRL 156,77 BRL

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Botox NATUREZA NTOX Cafe Verde

New from NATUREZA Cosmeticos, contains hydrolyzed keratin, red palm oil, mint extract and green coffee beans. Its active formula effectively restores the natural beauty and strength of damaged hair. Hair receives maximum nutrition, absolute smoothness and unsurpassed shine for a long time. Ideal for fine, bleached, highlighted hair. Effect from 2 months.

Precautionary measures:

In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Store in a cool place out of the reach of children.

Instructions for use:

- Wash hair with deep cleansing shampoo 1-2 times;

- Dry hair with cool or warm air 100%;

- Divide hair into sections. Apply the composition to thin strands, carefully and evenly, without excess, distribute along the entire length. Depart from the root 1 cm;

- Leave to act for 15-20 minutes;

- Dry your hair with a hair dryer by 100%;

- Straighten your hair with a flat iron. Temperature up to 170-220C and 10-15 broaches for each strand, depending on the condition and quality of the hair;

- Rinse hair with water without shampoo. Dry with a hair dryer and style as desired. Procedure completed.

*For best results, you can leave the composition on your hair until the next morning and then wash it off with shampoo.


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