Máscara Pré Complex 500ml by SmartLiss

150,00 BRL
Máscara Pré Complex 500ml by SmartLiss

Máscara Pré Complex 500ml by SmartLiss

150,00 BRL
Only 11 units of this product remain

New: another product for NANOQUARTIZING (comes with a pulverizer and can be used with a gun).

Pre Complex Mask by SmartLiss is a pre-chemical regeneration and prevention treatment that prevents hair damage and breakage and increases resistance during chemo. It's the icing on the cake, providing a smooth, mirror-like sheen. The complex is a reducing agent that, together with cysteine and nanokeratin, acts on the capillary cortex, restoring fibers before chemical treatment, increasing tensile strength and improving elasticity.

Mode of application:

1) Before applying the main composition, as a preparative mask After preparing and washing the hair with SmartLiss Detox Shampoo, apply Pre Complex Reconstructive Mask along the entire length of the hair. Let it work for 10 minutes, rinse 100%, and the hair will be ready for the application of the main composition.
* Intelligent and exclusive technology that does not change the result of the chemical procedure.

2) After application of the compositions, as a cementing agent. T protector + mirror shine + activator of the main composition.

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