Bio Leave-in Repair 10 em 1 Groove 250ml

110,00 BRL
Bio Leave-in Repair 10 em 1 Groove 250ml

Bio Leave-in Repair 10 em 1 Groove 250ml

110,00 BRL
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Bio Leave-in Repair 10 in 1 for damaged hair.

Treats and protects hair while acting as a finisher.

Bio Leave-in Repair is a real revolution in hair care.

Bio Leave-in Repair combines 10 care and finishing benefits into one product.

1. Repairs dry and damaged hair: Contains moisturizing and conditioning agents that improve hair texture and manageability.

2. Controls frizz: In dry or humid weather, protects against environmental aggressors and prevents frizz.

3. Protects from the heat of hair dryers and straighteners: forms a film around the hair fiber, protecting it from high temperatures.

4. Softens and adds a satin finish: Contains powerful conditioning agents that soften and control.

5. Protects from the sun and preserves color: Thanks to extremely lightweight UVA and UVB filters, it protects without weighing hair down. Prevents sun-induced oxidation causing color fading.

6. Makes it easier to comb and use the straightener: Softer, smoother hair makes the straightener easier to glide and comb through.

7. Detangles: Leaves hair loose and detangled.

8. Maintains hairstyle longer.

9. Prevents split ends.

10. Controls natural hair volume.

Directions for use: Apply to damp hair as a spray, spraying from a distance of 20 cm; or apply to dry hair by spraying onto your hand and spreading like a cream. Short hair: 6–8 doses. Medium hair: 7-12 doses. Long hair: 10–15 doses.

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