Happy 2023!

30 December, 2022
Happy 2023!

In the last days of the outgoing year, it is usually customary to take stock, make plans..

We are not far behind either.

What did we do well in 2022?

We swam out, in the truest sense of the word). After February 2022, we parted ways with our main partner - beautyhub.com

It was like a butt on the head, on the one hand, it was necessary to save relatives, on the other, quite unexpectedly, it was necessary to save the business.

To be honest, I wanted to quit everything, sell it or throw out the warehouse, but closing my eyes, we decided to write to our former clients and they believed in us.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS FAITH AND CHANCE! At first, not everything worked out, or rather, nothing worked: there was no website, they didn’t know how to accept payment, but little by little we fixed everything. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PATIENCE!

And then, only a matter of time: What does not kill us, makes us stronger). We renewed contracts with factories, visited all possible exhibitions, work shops, and online courses.

And we are ready to continue to try for you and work for you. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTNERSHIP!

What are our plans for 2023?!

Only growth, new factories, a new bonus program, possibly translated online courses for certain brands, factory visits, Beauty fair 2023, and a lot of new expensive, inexpensive, top, simpler products!

And also get another cat, the children are asking very much)

Many thanks for your friendship, with many we are in good human relations)

Thank you for being with us this year!

We won't let you down!

All forces, opportunities, all our time for you and your clients and thanks to you!


Always yours beutybrazil.net

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