Set Keratin FIT Tratamento Avancado Professional 500 ml*2

232,50 BRL 310,00 BRL

Set Keratin FIT Tratamento Avancado Professional 500 ml*2

232,50 BRL 310,00 BRL
Only 2 units of this product remain

Keratin straightening FIT Tratamento Avancado Professional 1000ml

Type by action: The strongest formulations for straightening curly hair (ethno / afro)

Term socks from 6 to 8 months!

Does not require exposure to the hair!

The universal line has been specially designed to straighten and restore all types of hair. Suitable for both "Afro" hair, and for bleached and severely damaged hair. Rich in nutrients and amino acids, the line provides the hydration and repair that hair needs. Contains oils, including muru muru oil (eliminates brittleness, moisturizes and improves elasticity of even the most difficult hair), vitamins A, C, D, E, K and a sunscreen.

- Applied to wet hair, which reduces the consumption of the composition.
- Suitable for all hair types (including severely damaged hair);
- Does not contain formaldehyde (formalin);
- Washes off immediately;
- Can be combined with coloring.

RESULT - shiny, smooth, silky hair.


1. Wash your hair with the “PREPARING SHAMPOO” ( STEP 1), massage it intensively until foam appears, rinse with water. Repeat this procedure 2 or 3 times.
2.Blot with a towel and blow-dry your hair with 80% warm air.
3. Divide your hair into 4 zones. Apply the composition (STEP 2) starting from the lower occipital area. Select a strand 1 cm wide and step back from the scalp 1 cm.
4. Dry your hair with cool and then warm air 100%.
5. Divide your hair into 4 zones. Starting from the lower occipital area, select a strand 0.5 cm wide. With a hair straightener, treat the strand 5-12 times, depending on the thickness of the hair); ironing temperature 180-230°C.
6. Let the hair cool down (additionally blow the hair with cold air). 8. Rinse your hair thoroughly with running water (no shampoo!!!). Apply the mask to your hair.
7.Do hair styling in any way.

In home care, the use of shampoos with a pH of 4.5-5.5 is mandatory!

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