Moon calendar

22 January, 2023
Moon calendar

Do you follow the lunar calendar? Brazil also believes in this. Brazilians have other signs associated with hair besides the moon, for example)

1. "Washing your hair during menstruation is bad for the body." This belief is very old, in the past, before a bath with hot water, when washing the hair, the whole body was cooled for a while until the strands were dry. Due to the cold, uterine contractions intensified and colic appeared. Now, of course, it is no longer so, but they still say so).

2. Don't wash your hair on New Year's Eve

Of course, there could not be a superstition associated with the New Year! Allegedly, washing your hair on New Year's Eve causes your luck and fortune to go down the drain. It is recommended to wash your hair the day before or the next day. 3. If the comb falls off while combing, this is a sign that something will bother you in the future.

In any case, according to any calendar, we have a rest! Have a nice weekend!!

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