Keratin Сacau Use Me 1l

250,00 BRL
Keratin Сacau Use Me 1l

Keratin Сacau Use Me 1l

250,00 BRL
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The Cacau Use Me Brazilian Keratin Treatment is the revolution your salon has been waiting for! The magical formula of cocoa and coconut brings the direct benefits of this keratin to your clients' hair. Feel the perfect effect for flawless straightening - cocoa and coconut oil provide deep nourishment and shine. By reducing hair frizz, you will satisfy your clients with results that will amaze and guarantee satisfaction. Brazilian Cocoa brings the desired transformation to your salon, delivering outstanding results and complete satisfaction to your clients.

Brazilian keratin cosmetics Cacao KERATIN provides long-term results, maintaining its effectiveness for up to 6 months. Ideal for strong wavy or curly hair.

After thoroughly washing your hair twice with brazilian cacau anti-storage moisturizing shampoo and drying it 80% with a towel and hair dryer, do a strand test. Apply the brazilian cacau straightening mask at a distance of one centimeter from the scalp, strand by strand, using a brush, combing with a comb, and leave for 20 minutes, depending on the condition of the hair, until the strand test passes. After the exposure time, dry your hair by combing with a hair dryer and straighten thin strands with a straightening iron 15 to 20 times and finish as desired.

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