Botox BTX REPAIR from Victoria Hair, 1l

170,00 BRL
Botox BTX REPAIR from Victoria Hair, 1l

Botox BTX REPAIR from Victoria Hair, 1l

170,00 BRL

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Using Ochon oil and clay, the product reduces hair volume, eliminates frizz and protects it from external influences. Special pigments make blonde hair platinum, and dark hair gets a deep shade, while remaining healthy and restoring the hair structure. The product also corrects and enhances hair color and shine. Its formula contains active ingredients that restore keratin and hair density, as well as rich healing mud, Ochon oil, clay, silk proteins and high-performance silicones. Recommended for blonde and dark hair. After use, the hair will gain more shine, intense color and become stronger. The product also reduces volume, moisturizes, restores and nourishes hair.

Application method:


Wash your hair and remove excess moisture with a towel.


Apply Botox strand by strand using a brush, removing excess with a fine comb.


Leave it on your hair for 30-40 minutes, rinse off 50%, then blow-dry and iron 10 times over each thin strand.

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