Nanoplasty (Taninoplastia) Carnival by Sarah K, 1L

675,00 BRL
Nanoplasty (Taninoplastia) Carnival by Sarah K, 1L

Nanoplasty (Taninoplastia) Carnival by Sarah K, 1L

675,00 BRL

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Nanoplasty by SARAH K🌱🇧🇷

Safe procedure for pregnant and lactating women🤰🤱

🌱Safe and quality hair straightening
🌱Composition without formaldehyde (poison)
🌱 Consists of 100% natural ingredients
🌱 Safe composition
🌱 treatment + 100% straightening
🌱 smooth and frizzy hair
🌱Soft and obedient
🌱 Shiny hair
🌱 effect for 5-7 months
🌱 Allowed for children from 5 years old 👍

Brazilian Carnival ✨🎉 is a progressive hair straightening that is gaining success all over the world every day!

This miracle product does not have a pungent odor, does not contain harmful components that lead to discomfort during the procedure. The composition was appreciated by my colleagues, who, like me, choose only a safe product🙌🏻

Without damaging the hair, the composition provides natural, soft straightening by 100%. Its formula contains macadamia, amino acids, lactic acid and collagen to promote hair growth. Moisturizes, reduces fragility, leaving them supple, always beautiful and healthy.
Application method:

Apply the product strand by strand along the entire length of the hair. Important: Do not apply directly to the root, leave a space of 1 cm from the root to start the application. Leave on for 45 minutes, rinse thoroughly, dry hair 100% and use flat iron for very fine strands.

Application method from Brazilian technician:

Wash your hair with SHGO shampoo 2-3 times, depending on the pollution.

Dry hair 100%

Then we apply the product strand by strand, retreating about 1 cm from the roots.

We leave the product to work. Pause time depends on your hair type:

If the hair is fine-normal: 40 minutes

If the hair is afro - 1h

If the hair is thick, porous - 1 hour 20 minutes

Then we wash off the product: approximately leave 40%

Dry only with a hair dryer if the hair is fine-normal.

If the hair is thick, then we do the styling.

Then we fix with an iron.

About 15 to 20 times

Then we wash off the composition, apply the Vinagre neutralizer (leave it for 10-15 minutes)

Then we wash everything

Dry your hair, at this point you can spray T-Protector.

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