Sarah K Power Recovery Liquid Botox

63,00 BRL
Sarah K Power Recovery Liquid Botox

Sarah K Power Recovery Liquid Botox

63,00 BRL

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Ampoule Power Recovery 15ml acts on the hair fiber, restores, revitalizes, moisturizes, gives hair shine, softness and flexibility.

Ampollas Power Recovery 15ml is a cold recovery Botox.

The main task of the product: restore hair from the inside 😏

1. Wash hair with deep cleansing shampoo 2 times.
2. Remove excess moisture with a towel
3. Mix Botox with water in a ratio of 7.5 ml of Botox to 50 ml of water. The result is a creamy consistency. One ampoule is enough for 2-3 procedures with medium length and density of hair.
4. Apply the composition.
5. Keep the composition on the hair for 10-15 minutes.

6. Apply Sarah K Finalizer, Dry hair 100%.
7. Walk through thin strands with an ultrasonic iron.

8. Apply Sarah K Rose Serum.

Provides hydration, revitalization, restoration and nourishment to hair instantly.

Recommended for use on porous, brittle and elastic hair, severely damaged by chemicals; discolored.

Ideal for cold recovery using an ultrasonic infrared flat iron; thermal cap; in salon and home care; to maintain the effect after the procedure.

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